You Have 5 Minutes

There’s nothing like a high-stakes competition to bring out the best in folks. This is their cause. Lots of money is on the line.

No Props, No Slide Shows, No Handouts!

Just one stage, a microphone and 5 minutes to win the Hearts and Minds of 100 Heroes. The playing field is level for all.

Fundraising is about making people care!

With 100 Heroes, this truth is continually demonstrated. The charitable presenter who tells the best Story is the charitable presenter who wins the majority vote – earning member-donations, often in great sums totaling $10,000+ to aid in the fight of their cause.

Who never wins?

Data and fact-driven presenters. Neither do presenters who only communicate “This is who we are.” and “This is what we do.”

Make us “feel” what you do. So that “we can’t ignore” who you are. Just make us see “the face” of the one child, victim or fighter, that you remember. Make us care about that person or child and tell us their complete journey. Convey to us the experience of their fight. Help us to understand how, if we stand together, through the power of our voice, and how, if we choose to back you, through the power of our money, you and your organization can make an amplified difference that will solve pain. Stem heartache. Prevent tragedy. Give hope. Ease the burden. Eliminate the stress. Stop the suffering.

The Rules are Simple

1) You must be a Registered Charity or a Registered Not-For-Profit **Must be able to provide a Charitable Receipt to the members**

2) Your Charity or Not-For-Profit must have been registered for more then 12 months

3) You must be a local Prince George Charity/Not-For-Profit and all projects must happen in Prince George

4) All presenting Charities/Not-For-Profit are nominated by the members of 100 Heroes and chosen at random to be 1 of 3 presenters at an event.

5) A winning Charity/Not-For-Profit can't be nominated again for 18 months