Q: How can I nominate a Charity or Not For Profit?

Charities and Not For Profits are nominated by our members. A couple of weeks before our events, members will be asked to submit 3 Charities or Not For Profits. All of the nominations will be put into a hat and 3 drawn at random. These 3 will then present a 5 minute story at our event. The members then vote for the best one. The majority winner takes all the money.

Q: Will Membership be Capped at 100 people?

Our minimum goal was 100. We would love to have as many members as we can. More member = More Money!

Q: Does the Charity or Not For Profit have to be registered?

Yes. All Charities and Not For Profits have to be registered an operating for 12 months prior minimum. Proof of registration will be required before a Charity/Not For Profit can present at an event.

Q: Do Charities or Not For Profits have to be local?

Yes. All Charities and Not For Profits have to be local or have a local branch. All projects from these Charities/Not For Profits have to be conducted within Prince George. For example: Big Brothers/Big Sisters has a local branch and if they are nominated and successful, they must spend all of the donations locally.

Q: What if I can't make an Event?

Either someone can come in your place, or give your money to another member.

Q: Why don't you have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize?

The idea behind 100 Heroes is to have a SINGLE MASSIVE IMPACT on one Charity or Not For Profit. By cutting down the prize money into smaller amounts, you have less of an impact on ALL Charities. The good news is that if your Charity or Not For Profit does not win, they can be nominated again and possibly present at the next event.

Q: Can I bring my Spouse, Partner or Friend to an Event?

Absolutely. We actually encourage it. However, only members can vote and donate.

Q: How are the donations given at the Events?

Each member is asked to bring $100 Cash or a Cheque to the event. 100 Heroes is a Non-Organization. We have no bank account. This way we will not be charged fees so 100% of your donations go to the Charity or Not For Profit.

Q: Can I get a Tax Receipt?

Yes. Charities and Not For Profits are asked to bring their receipt book and issue a receipt for anyone who has donated their $100.00.

Q: How much of my donation goes to the Charity?

100%. Costs are covered by the kind donations of our Sponsors and Founder. Please consider supporting them if you require their goods or services.